Onward I Face

Angel Watch David Meier
Angel Watch
David Meier

Truth appears, a vapor of smoke.

Cheer swirls and bounds. It shrivels and chokes.

Words ring true, but soon dispel.

Wings rise above, but a heavy heart swells.

The cloud of abandon thunders and cries.

My adversary slithers, whispers and lies.

Why have you forsaken me?

Understanding, my hopeless plea.

Abba, do you weep for me?

I am covered by a cloud of seas.

Widows mourn. Children thrive.

Out of the soothing sea I dive.

Grass and leaves and snow I loathe.

Scaly soul and thistle clothed.

Time taunts to terror me forever.

Dreams of sun I will to endeavor.

Dawn brings dew, waning deep slumber.

Light excels the mighty Shadow’s number.

Sun beams above. A beckon. A calling.

Shadows disperse, gnashing and appalling.

Tall Taunt wriggles, with loss, with dismay.

The adversary withers, to naught, to decay.

Carrion struggles, then lessens, and ceases.

I knit together my innards, my pieces.

Arise new dove with fierce eagle’s wings.

Lift toward the heavens. Allow your soul to sing.

Moonlight and dawn, they gleam embrace.

And I seek tomorrow. Onward I face.

Keep going.